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Defining Real EstateTerms: The Fixer Upper


Defining Real Estate Terms: The "Fixer Upper"

Back in the early days, we decided to purchase our first house. College was finished and our construction business was established. We were ready to take the next step! We roamed around our target community house hunting. We devoured fact and figures. We stalked neighborhoods with our Realtor. At least, we felt that way!

Finally, we selected an older, two bedroom, one bath home on a large lot. The location was ideal! It was a Fixer Upper. With a little investment of elbow grease and cash, we could resell at a nice profit.

That was when the fun started.

One day, a few weeks after closing the deal, I stopped by the house to see the latest accomplishments. I stood in the front entryway and gazed out at the back yard. A lovely, unobstructed view of the yard and fields beyond. Wait. What?! Where were the walls? The rooms? The . . . the . . oh. Oh MY. 

"Fixer Upper" means some paint, basic repairs and yard work. At least by my definition. Obviously, it meant something else to my dear husband. So that was lesson number one: Communication.

In the world of Real Estate, descriptive terms can be very fluid. To the Seller, the "glass is half full" while to the Buyer, the opposite may appear to be true. The job of your real estate professional is to learn your definitions, needs and desires in order to steer you to properties that most closely match your objective.

Your agent is not only familiar with a multitude of properties, but they have the advantage of knowing the other agents and offices that list properties. Your agent should be familiar with the tendency of "ABC Realty" to use the word "cozy" when describing an incredibly cramped living space while "XYZ Real Estate" uses that same term to describe a well laid out, comfortable home with a fireplace.

The bottom line is communication. Be very specific when describing your ideal real estate purchase. Details matter! Make a committment to the one that you have spent time sharing your dream with: Your Realtor. By devoting themselves to helping you clarify your goals, they make it their priority to guard your interests, time and investment. Your agent is determined to find you an excellent selection of properties to inspect. This involves quite a bit of time and energy as they sift through listings and talk with agents to clarify details. There are a myriad of activities to be completed in preparation to taking you on a tour of prospective homes. Ask questions, give thorough answers. Build, and then trust, your relationship with your chosen real estate professional. You will enjoy the payoff of your communication for years to come.

Petoskey has a new RE/MAX Franchise!


We are happy to announce the launch of RE/MAX Lighthouse at 1523 U.S. 131 S., Suite A (Across from the Odawa Hotel). This means that we are readily found as you go about your favorite activities in the Petoskey area. In addition to steady office hours, our agents are pleased to make appointments with you that are convenient to your schedule.

Be sure to visit our mobile responsive website: www.remax-petoskey.com. This feature rich website has everything you need to assist in your search for local homes and properties for sale in the Petoskey area. We endeavor to provide clients with easy access to the latest listings and information impacting the real estate industry. Our goal is to enable you to make the right decisions about your investments, whether you are buying or selling. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

If you have any questions about a listing or about real estate in genersal, contact us - your friendly Petoskey real estate experts - by email remaxlighthouse@gmail.com or by phone 231-242-8100. Also look for us on your favorite social media sites.

Interested in being notified of the hottest listings to hit the market? Sign up for FREE New Listing Email Notification or a FREE Market Analysis. Stay informed of new listings as they hit the Petoskey real estate market. Our agents will be pleased to send you only the listings that meet your specific criteria. Contact us today!

Integrity. Honesty. Trust.


Today's headlines roar with the news that the public has been, or may have been, deceived. Again. Misled. The undermining of our trust seems to have become a favorite past time of those that we admire or may depend upon. It is a scary situation.

We have heard that Josh Duggar regrets actions that he took as a teenager. He has owned up to his actions. There is no excuse for what he did. None. The amazing part is that no one involved has apologized for the concerted deception of the public regarding this. Neither Jim Bob, Josh nor Michelle has given an "I'm sorry" for the deliberate lies told about this. Granted, Josh was a minor at the time of the events. It is natural to want to forget. Yet an acknowledgement of the breach of trust is in order. The lack of honesty only continues the hideousness of the past.

Duggars are not alone in this void of integrity. Too often our government's reaction is to weave a web of lies. In a world of conflict and deception, qualities such as integrity, honesty and trust are precious.

A good name is a choice that we make. It is worth more than riches, power or embarrassment. To treat others in the manner that we would like to be treated is priceless. Has anyone perfected this? No. But consistent awareness and effort, taking the time to correct and clarify, makes a world of difference.

Integrity, honesty, trust: Pass it on.

Integrity. Honesty. Trust.

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